Suzanne Panferov Reese is the Interim Vice President for the University of Arizona Office of Global Initiatives and on the faculty in the Department of Public and Applied Humanities in the College of Humanities.  Recently, she served as the Director of the Centers for the Applied and Public Humanities, the Director of the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) at the University of Arizona, Director of the National Center for Interpretation, as well as Professor in the Ph.D. program in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT).  Panferov Reese completed her graduate studies at The Ohio State University, earning both a Ph.D. and M.A. in Foreign and Second Language Education and an M.A. in Russian Literature. 

Panferov Reese’s research focuses on language program administration, professional development, teacher training, pedagogy, and literacy acquisition.  She has published on topics ranging from teachers transitioning into professional leadership roles, ESL program marketing, and parental support for K-12 ELL students.  Panferov Reese has presented in numerous countries on issues of professionalizing and empowering teachers, professional development, leadership, and teaching methodologies.  In 2009, she participated in a Fulbright Administrator Exchange in Jalisco, Mexico. 

She served as President (2012-2013) of the TESOL International Association Board of Directors and has served on the TESOL Board of Directors (2008-2014) and in the capacity as the TESOL Convention Program Chair (2007) and Professional Development Chair on the UCIEP Steering Committee (2005-2008). Additionally, she served as the Vice President and President (2014-2016) of UCIEP.



Dr. Panferov Reese is happy to speak at educational events around the world on topics of language teaching, professionalizing the field of English language teaching, and program leadership.  To consider topics, please visit her CV for ideas.  Summaries available request.  Please allow 2-3 months advance notice in scheduling a talk.